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December 2010

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zekkass in alphabetdrabble

[Red Dwarf/Rimmer/Lister] Poker

Title: Poker
Fandom: Red Dwarf
Pairing: Low Lister/Low Rimmer (My claim is Rimmer/Lister, but these two are close enough...)
Prompt: nefarious
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own no one.
My Tables.


“And the dealer takes four. Last chance for bets.”

Low Lister looked up. “D’you have to keep doing that?”

Death stared. “What?”

“Last chance this, last chance that. Stop that.”

“No. Last chance for bets.”

Low Lister laid down his hat. “I’m out of money.”

Mr. Flibble growled at him, then tossed in fifty euros. “Toss in a glove, then it’ll match fifty.”

He did so, and rattled his cards. “I’ll have money by the end of the round, penguin.”

“Don’t get cocky.” Low Rimmer warned as he leaned in and slowly ran his whip’s handle across Low Lister’s shoulder.



Ooooh this is an evil idea. Very very funny, well done matey.
Thank you! Ah, Villian's Poker Night is something no one should miss. ;D
I'd rather have the holowhip than lose to Mr. Flibble! Great concept. Great image.
Yes, but what would Low Rimmer bet? I wouldn't want to be playing with any of them in the first place! ;)
Eeeee! That made me grin like a loon. I do love the Lows (and, of course, Mr. Flibble).
And combining them all in a poker game yields great results. ;) I'm glad you liked it!
Mr Flibble playing cards ... *giggles* Ahhh ... heee!
Glad I could amuse! X3
I do so enjoy Low Rimmer/Low Lister. *hee* And boy, the image you conjured up. Mr. Flibble playing Poker!
I aim to please. ;) Thanks!
OMG that was bloody hilarious
Then my mission was succesful! X3
LOL! This is awesome. :)