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December 2010

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zekkass in alphabetdrabble

[Red Dwarf/Lister/Rimmer] Two Drabbles

Title: Coping Mechanisms
Fandom: Red Dwarf
Pairing: Lister/Rimmer hints
Prompt: Modicum
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own no one.
My Tables.


Lister leaves Rimmer’s light-bee alone. For all of their sniping, Lister wouldn’t physically hurt Rimmer even if he had the chance to. He doesn’t like to hurt people, even if Rimmer deserves it.

He isn’t a pacifist, though. If Rimmer goes too far, Lister is not above shaking the light-bee, or swallowing it.

Still. Lister leaves the light-bee alone. Rimmer tries to maintain the illusion of solidity, and Lister will not be the one who debunks it.

They all have their own little coping mechanisms, and if Lister removed Rimmer’s, he would have to change his middle name to Judas.


Title: Experiment
Fandom: Red Dwarf
Pairing: Lister/Rimmer hints
Prompt: Quaff
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own no one.
My Tables.


“Try it.” Lister passed a lager over to the Cat, who sniffed the drink cautiously.

Rimmer glanced up. “Are you giving him lager?”


“You don’t even know if it’ll kill him, do you?”

The Cat put down the can. “You what?”

“It’s not going to kill you, Cat.”

Rimmer laughed quietly. “Oh Listy, what have you done now?”

“Shove it, Rimmer.”

“Experimenting again?” Rimmer grinned and watched the Cat intently. “I wonder what it’ll do to him…”

Lister glared at both of them, and the Cat carefully sipped from the can.

Rimmer was wrong all of the time, right?



Ahh! The first one is definitely my favorite. It says a great deal for it to be so short. The second was too cute! Great job!
Thank you! It's amazing how much you can say in the space of a drabble if you try.
O goodness! I loved them both so...