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Drabbles: A to Z
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What It Is: Another challenge. This one's for all the folks who don't think they can get their word count up there. So, in the efforts of extending vocabulary, there are 26 drabble-prompts.

What's A Drabble: The age-old question, the hearty debate. Here, in this case, a drabble is one hundred words. For this challenge, it is one hundred words. If you are going to play in this sandbox, the drabbles are to be one hundred words. And now that I've beaten it over your head, let's proceed.

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001.Acumen 002.Bloviate 003.Cicatrix 004.Dystopia 005.Ersatz
006.Fealty 007.Gravitas 008.Halcyon 009.Iota 010.Jejune
011.Kismet 012.Loquacious 013.Modicum 014.Nefarious 015.Obtuse
016.Plethora 017.Quaff 018.Riposte 019.Schadenfraude 020.Tryst
021.Utopia 022.Votary 023.Wan 024.Xenophobia 025.Yearn

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